A LifeGroup is where “my church”
becomes “my family”

LifeGroups are the backbone of our church. We believe that real life change occurs as we are growing in a relationship with Christ along with others! In a LifeGroup you will have the opportunity to experience life, love, and laughter with each other.

Crosspoint Church isn’t just a church with LifeGroups,
we are a church OF LifeGroups

Groups meet to experience authentic community together.
 They can share an interest, have common goals, support one another in difficult times and lift one another up in prayer.

Our goal in all LifeGroups is to always be taking next steps to find freedom and know God better!


Why should I join a Group?

God never intended us to walk through life alone. It’s in a Group that we can love and be loved by others, have accountability, grow in God, laugh, and serve together.

Is childcare provided?

Depending on the group, yes it can be! We have groups that provide childcare and other groups where children are welcome, but separate childcare is not provided.

I would like to join a group!

We believe that God uses our relationships with each other to help us to know Him, find freedom, and become all He has created us to be.
That’s why we have LifeGroups!

To check out our LifeGroups and get in contact with a leader is as easy as 1, 2, 3!
1- Browse the current LifeGroups here.
2- Contact the leader of the group you’re interested in.
3- Attend!

If you need more help finding the right group for you OR
if you would like to launch a group and become a leader.

What is rightnow MEDIA?

As a church we exist to see lives transformed by the power of God. Desiring to equip you with some great, useful, entertaining, and practical Christian resources to help you see your life transformed, we have subscribed to “Rightnow Media”. This is an online media resource that is often described as the “Netflix” of Christian resources. It has over 10,000 video resources available from over 150 leading Christian publishers and ministries.
To receive your free subscription

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